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Welcome! Disability, Accessibility, and Inclusion in the Workforce

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Disability, accessibility, inclusion


Yes, you.

Outstanding business person.

How confident is your business about disability?

How sure are you about access, and inclusion within your workplace?

Most of us are unhappy with our disability know-how.

We’ve scratched the surface of what disability is. If we’re lucky we learned how to speak to a disabled person and avoid lean on-wheelchair awkward mistakes.

But we weren’t taught about disability, how to embrace accessibility, and make inclusion in the workplace a priority.

Well, now you can!

In my upcoming blog posts you'll learn:

👉 about disability, accessibility and inclusion

👉 how to combat knowledge gaps, and embrace accessibility as normality

👉 how to provide your disabled staff with a safe and supportive environment

👉 about the disability gap in the workplace

👉 about service dogs

And the best part?

Learning to make disability and inclusion a priority is something anyone can do.

Welcome to My Blog!

I'm Lia, a disability writer and co-founder of Lara Guide Dog School. In 2020 I launched this blog to help entrepreneurs and SMEs to understand and embrace people with a disability in the workplace.

I wanted to throw out hysterics and give the go-ahead to content that reaches out and touches disabled people, connects with their values and beliefs, morality, and ethics.

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Within the pages of this blog you'll get useful, easy to use information for free.

Why? To help your business get started on its journey to accessibility and inclusion. To help disabled and chronically ill people on their journey to accessibility and inclusion in the workplace.

Go on. Grab a cup of coffee, and join me.

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As always, if you have difficulty accessing this site or have any questions or comments about how I can improve my site, please get in touch. I'd love to hear from you!

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