Alice Hargreaves COO@SIC

Alice Hargreaves, COO @ SIC

Lia has written for SIC a number of times, as a magazine writer and a guide creator.
Her experience as a disability writer has been essential for us and the quality of her work is incredible. As a freelancer, she has also been an incredible advocate and cheerleader for us. She has used her reach a number of times to shout about the work we do on the whole which for us has been fantastic. It's really amazing to have a writer who buys into what we are doing and actually feels like part of our team. Thank you Lia!

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I'm Lia, a disability writer, guide dog mobility instructor, and co-founder of Lara Guide Dog School. 

I split my time between managing this blog and contributing articles and blog posts to businesses like SIC or nonprofits like Lara Guide Dog School.

Lia Stoll, disability writer

Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.


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 Things You'd Learn   About Me Over Coffee 

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My family owned a cafe (like the one in Friends).

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When I'm not writing I can be found spending time with my coffee machine, my eReader, my three paprika chip-eating boys and disc dogging with Max.

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I dazzle my days spending time supporting animal shelters. A tail wag makes my day. Join me. Adopt a dog.

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I spend a lot of time eating and sharing my love of plant-based food with anyone who’ll listen! I also support and work with vegan businesses.

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