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Does your content help disabled people? 

Amazing People I Work With

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“I figured Lia's content would be a repeating of advice. But, her writing style has a unique flair that sets it apart from many of the other articles I have seen. The feature she wrote for us was funny, informative and creative, engaging the audience and providing helpful and relevant advice. It has been a pleasure working with Lia.”

— Hollie Williams,

Lawoofs of Devon

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“It certainly takes an immense amount of doggedness, and willingness to dedicate yourself to the nonprofit world that is very much for the benefit of others. Lia brings professionalism, team spirit, and quality to the table. The clarity she works with when faced with overwhelming content creation projects is exceptional.”

— Anna Maria Gkertsou,

Child Psychologist

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Is your life-changing business already doing so many things, it's hard to step back and raise awareness effectively?

Do you find it difficult to get content organised?

Do you lack a clear strategy and the resources to develop your stories? 

Do you find it challenging to have the professional content writing expertise you need in-house?


Lia Stoll, Lara Guide Dog School speaker



Yes, you, outstanding business person!

Are you ready to throw out hysterics and give the go-ahead to content that helps people understand people
with a disability?

I can help. 

I know how the right content can make people feel – understood, connected, and engaged.  

18+ years of hands-on role experience in the nonprofit disability sector including fundraising, educational consulting, volunteer development, governance, and leadership.


I can help you create, develop and organise your content in a way that builds your organisation's identity and spreads its message. 

Together we can help disabled people feel connected, believe in your cause, invest, and tell their friends about you.

Are you ready to move beyond DIY content for your organisation? 

You know your brand story lays the foundation for awareness.

I can help with:

  • Blog posts

  • Articles

  • Case studies

  • Guides

  • Success stories

Starting at:​

  • Short read CHF 450 / 750+ words 

  • Long read CHF 875 / 1500+ words

  • In-depth read CHF 2450 /  3000+ words

Case studies

  • Inc 1 x client interview CHF 1200

Commissions outside of Switzerland are billed in euro at a rate of CHF 1 = 1 EURO

How I Work

Step 1: The Brief

Go on. Grab a cup of coffee. By video chat or email, we'll discuss your needs, deliverables, timeframe and budget. You'll learn about my services, and see if we are a good fit. If you want to proceed, I’ll send you my T&Cs and payment details for your 50% deposit.

If you are not ready for a contract, let’s start with a paid sample to see if we are a good fit.

Step 2: The Project  

We'll go through a questionnaire about the aims of your project; your message, your target audience, your style plus anything else you want to share.

Step 3: The Writing

Once I have all the information I need, I’ll get started on the writing and deliver according to the timescale we’ve agreed. Unless we agreed otherwise, all of my work is written in Google Docs allowing easy collaboration and edits. 


Step 5: The Delivery
I’ll provide the finished product for you to use. At this point, my final fee is due. 


Rewrite Guarantee: 

My fees include up to two rounds of revisions to make sure you and your audience will love it! 

Step 6:

Publish. Share. Repeat.

Time to hit 'publish' and raise awareness. Post it on your website and social media! Share it with your newsletter audience!


I look forward to working with you. 🙋‍♀️

Ioanna May

Hellen Keller

The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision.